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My art experiments with nature, pop culture, and well known , recognizable objects


Yoni Chanowitz is a chasidic Jew who lives in the burgeoning neighborhood of Brooklyn. His mother, Elise Goldberg, is a gifted painter, and introduced her children to various forms of art. 
From an early age onwards, Yoni used clay to sculpt, and build (models) with whatever material he could lay his hands on. The textures, the colors, the forms and shapes  — they all fueled his desire to experiment, to expand his creative horizon, and to hone his skills. 

Yoni’s artistic endeavors are inspired by the rich and vibrant culture of the world around him as well as the plethora of resources that life in New York has to offer. 

After initially deciding to pursue rabbinical studies, Yoni put his creative energy on the back burner for several years. Eventually, however, his desire to express himself through sculpting couldn’t be bottled up any longer, and Yoni began exploring his artistic talents in depth. 

Yoni’s work examines and references nature and pop culture. As an artist he’s concerned with accurately recreating and depicting real-life objects.

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